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Benier MS500


Benier MS500


The moulder MS-500 is especially suitable for craft bakeries and semi-industrial dough processing systems.

The MS-500 consists of:
• Infeed System
• Moulder Head
• Moulding Belt + Pressure Board
• Depositing Unit

Single Roller Pressure Sheeting
A unique pressure sheeting principle significantly contributes to achieving the desired end product structure.
After positioning of the dough piece by means of infeed rollers, the dough piece is rolled on the stainless steel drum by a singular pressure roller. The mechanical roller pressure is easily and steplessly adjustable to suit the dough consistency and product size and weight. Also the roller opening is adjustable to determine the thickness of a dough sheet (option).

Sheeting thickness is therefore fully controllable, and dough friendly whilst the dough piece is positioned on the stainless steel drum. A fast rotating shaft guidesand folds the leading edge of the dough sheet onto the conveyor belt under a curling net which tightly rolls up the dough.

The dough piece is rolled in one movement, at which the product ends are rolled a bit thinner. This is caused by the fact that the resistance to the roller pressure is less because of a lesser dough quantity. This way of rolling reduces air absorption and head-tail effect to a minimum.

Various Versions
The moulder consists of various modules. Below are some basic versions, however, other options are possible.

Type MS-500 Compact
• dynamic curling net
• short pressure board

Type MS-500
• dynamic curling net
• standard pressure board

Type MS-500 Double Pressure Board
• static curling net
• double pressure board

Type MS-500 Semi Industrial
• static curling net
• lengthened pressure board

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